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Currently serving Spokane, Washington and surrounding areas.


I take a different approach when it comes to wedding photography.


I don't aim for the most perfect images, or the pinterest worthy poses, because honestly...the best photos happen when you least expect it. I will document your day. Your diy details that you worked so hard on, the way your mom glows when she sees you, the perfect shoes that you searched high and low for, your sweet grandparents at the reception....the good stuff. 

A wedding day should revolve around a marriage. A lifelong commitment to your best friend. The other things fall into place.


We have lost our focus when it comes to a wedding day, and I am here for the couples who want that back. The memories from your wedding day, and the vows that you take, are timeless. It is only fitting that I strive to capture your day with the same timelessness and emotion that you feel. 



I am here for the madly in love couples.
I am here for the couples who want emotion filled, love-soaked memories frozen in time.
I am here for the couples who want colorful, true to life, film inspired images that age well as the years pass.
If that sounds like you, please inquire for a custom quote.