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Winter Beach Engagement

Mitch and Sarah are so sweet and SO fun! Being a military family, who will likely move all over the country, they wanted to take advantage of living on the east coast, and do some engagement photos by the beach.

YALL. Mitch and Sarah are TROOPERS. It was 30 degrees, 20 mph winds, and by the water it was SO cold. These two were frozen to the core by the time we finished up. After looking through their gallery, I have come to the consensus that you can't tell how cold they truly are, and it was totally worth the frozen fingers, haha!

Fun fact, this champagne SOAKED them during these photos, especially Mitch. I felt so bad, but they laughed it off, and continued to look freaking adorable in front of the camera.

Mitch and Sarah get married this June in Texas & I am so excited for them!!

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