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Townsend, Delaware // Family Session Gone Wrong....Or Right?! // The Chambers Family

Ah, the Chambers family. I am sure that you have seen these cuties on my site and socials before. I adore them! I became good friends with Nikki while living in Delaware. She is one of the most wildly creative humans that I have ever met. Her eye for detail and styling is unmatched. She owns Petit Social Studio in Delaware City -- a studio for creatives that also doubles as a gorgeous event space. You can learn more about Nikki and Petit Social here.

Nikki and her boys have treated me like family since day one. How cute are they?! Ben and Jameson are some of my favorite kiddos on the planet and they are growing up so fast!

Lollipop bribes :)

And this is when things took a drastic turn.....

We had planned to snap a few mommy + me photos down by the water towards the end of the session. When we got to the water the tide had gone down and we underestimated how muddy the situation truly was. Jameson was the first to fall. There was a split second where I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Were we going to pack up and call it quits? Were the kids going to start to cry? Nikki looked at me, shrugged her shoulders, and said something like "oh well, this is real life with boys". Cue all the laughter, smiles, and so much messy goodness.

These photos are some of my favorites. Like EVER. You could literally see the stress of family photos melt away as they were playing and being present in the moment.

This was such a disaster to clean up. Lots of shivering as the boys rode home sans clothes. Clothing and shoes had to be sprayed off in the yard with a hose before being tossed in the washing machine....oof, but it was SO worth it.

Embrace the chaos friends, and don't be scared to get a lil dirty.

Until next time,


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