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Spokane, Washington // In Home Family Session // The Haikkila Family // Luxury Family Photographer

These photos challenged me as a creative in the best way while also filling my cup to the brim. I had the opportunity to do an in home session for my friend Ashley and her beautiful family. Ashley is a fellow photographer, and she is so talented! You can see some of her work at .

It has been ages since I have done an in home family session. I knew that I wanted to focus heavily on playing with light, creating emotional candid moments, and highlighting the togetherness of family.

Cue the disco ball! The Haikkila gals loved this. A simple disco ball creates a fun lighting situation that kiddos find so fascinating. I got this one on amazon!

The Haikkila family has done so much work to their house which has been in their family for many years -- so stunning!! It is so special that they are raising their babies within the same walls that once meant so much to the generation before them. Ashley has an incredible eye for design and has made such a gorgeous space for her family to call home.

Raising a family is the Lord's work and I will never get over the honor of witnessing it AND documenting it.

Here is a little snippet of an email that I sent to Ash when I delivered the gallery:

"I almost edited out food crumbs on faces, Bonnie's eyebrow scratch, and your missing light fixture BUT then I didn't. I left it all because it is real, and it is all part of your story. Life isn't perfect and I wanted these images to reflect that. One day you will miss messy faces and tending to booboos so here is your little reminder of their chaotic perfectness."

If you have been on the fence about booking an in home session, let this be your push to do it.

Until next time friends,


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