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New Castle, Delaware // Destination Family Photographer // Heirloom Outfit Inspo // The Smith Family

Not going to lie, I cried while editing these. Happy tears. The Smith family is so beautiful and the love that they share is so evident in these images. It was such an honor to take these photos and to document the personalities of each of their beautiful children.

Stacie and her husband Andy are currently fostering a beautiful baby girl. If you pay close attention you will notice that all photos with baby girl do not reveal her face for this reason. Don't worry though, there are many photos of this beautiful sweetie for her family to enjoy! The Smiths have been such a blessing in our lives. I often feel a pull towards foster care and having a friend to walk alongside those feelings with me has been such a gift. Stacie shares her foster care and adoption journey very openly on her social media, blessing and educating many in the process.

Stacie is also an incredibly talented photographer! You can see her work here.

Okay, let's talk outfits! Stacie dressed her family perfectly. I love these photos so much, and I truly think that their outfits play a massive role in that. Your outfits can make or break your images. The timeless, neutral, textured articles of clothing elevated the look of this session. This heirloom vibe is my favorite, and I encourage everyone to take notes. From head to toe, this family looked stunning.

Below I will link where outfits were purchased.

Stacie's dress: Nothing Fits But //

Little girl's dress: Jamie Kay //

Twins' knits: Fin & Vince //

Baby girl: Etsy //

Andy: Target + Gap //

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