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Mary Washington University Grad

This past weekend I traveled to the UMW campus in Fredericksburg, VA for a graduation session. The weather was slightly sunny, warm, but overcast enough for me to shoot at 10am....praise!! If you know, you know. Dustin and Gwyneth are the sweetest!! They are naturals in front of the camera, and their love for each other radiates through their laughter when they are together. Trust me, even the serious images were filled with laughter before, and after, my shutter clicked. Dustin is graduating from UMW in May and plans to be a math teacher.

Mary Washington is a gorgeous campus!! Brick was everywhere we turned, and it made my photographer heart sing. Everything is starting to bloom here in Virginia, which as perfect, because that green grass looks oh so good in pictures. Happy Graduation Dustin!! It was a joy to take your pictures during this special season of life!

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