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Manito Park // Spokane, Washington // Luxury Family Photographer

Ah, the Hoff Family. I love them oh so much. We have been in Spokane for a few short months and I am still in awe of the connections and relationships that the Lord keeps putting in our path. Mary Catherine has been such a blessing and soul friend as we navigate this new location and the challenges of military life. Mary Catherine and Ethan are so amazing together and watching them parent and love on their little girl Ruth is such a joy to witness.

I chose Manito Park in the South Hill for these holiday family portraits. This park has a classic timeless feel while also still feeling very PNW. I thought the location perfectly complimented their outfits.

My first experience with the PNW fog. I was a wee bit stressed because I have never photographed anything in dense fog like this before...but I love love love how they turned out.

The Hoffs are from the south, and little Ruth's wardrobe channels all of the classy southern details that I love so much. That embroidered Christmas bubble!!! I cannot handle it.

Maple, girlfriend, I adore you.

Beautiful Mary Catherine and her girl. I love watching you mother, sweet friend!!

Don't they look straight out of a J.Crew magazine?!

Peep Ruthie's bag of snacks! We do what we gotta do to get the shot! ;)

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