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Harper's Ferry Intimate Fall Wedding

In November, I traveled to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia to photograph the gorgeous wedding of Jake and Jenna. Jenna and I connected on Instagram, and from the very beginning, I knew that she was a dream bride, and that this was a dream wedding. We clicked, and our styles aligned perfectly. Nestled in the mountains, Jenna and Jake had an intimate, beautiful wedding, surrounded by their immediate family.

Sweet Jenna wore fleece lined leggings and boots underneath her stunning dress. Following the ceremony, she added a cropped sweater over her dress, perfectly fitting the vibe of the crisp fall evening. Jenna's rings were family heirlooms that had been passed down. Jake wore a handsome navy suit and cowboy boots. Southern charm in all the right ways.

Jenna and Jake shared a special first dance, just the two of them, on the porch of the gorgeous Magnolia Pond Farmhouse where all of the day's events took place.

The smallness of this wedding warmed my heart. Everything was so meaningful, and truly love-soaked. Homestyle family recipes were used to prepare the dinner that followed the ceremony. Jenna baked all of the desserts herself (dream bride!). The family ate with silverware and linens that had also been passed down from previous generations.

I cried a few times behind my camera, and left feeling so so grateful for love, family, and new friendships. Congrats Jenna + Jake!!

Magnolia Pond Farm is a gorgeous Airbnb property in the Harper's Ferry Area. I am currently trying to find a time to go back and stay myself. It is so cozy and decorated like a dream!! Can I move in?! Below is the booking link if you are interested in a weekend getaway!!

District Loom vintage rugs also made an appearance in some of the photos. Swoooon! You can find more of their vintage goodness at !

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