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Generations in the Valley

I am from a small agricultural county in Northern Virginia. The fields roll with waving green grass at the foot of blue mountains. Bumpy roads wind through farmland. Sweet tea is a staple at dinner, shoes are optional, and it is my favorite place in the entire world. Literally my favorite...I am not exaggerating. Maybe it's because it is home, or maybe it's because there truly is magic in my sweet Valley. All I know is that when I am there, a peace washes over me that I have yet to experience anywhere else.

Generations of my family have called the Shenandoah Valley home years and years. Most families that live in the area have lived there their entire lives as well. Generational farming is a way of life. I had the honor of photographing the sweet Miller family on the farmland that they have worked for their entire they have the opportunity to share their legacy with their children and grandchildren.

Document your story. Document your life. These images will be cherished and looked back on for years to come. A priceless season of life forever frozen in time. I say this all the time, but it is SUCH an honor to serve families with the gift of photographs. Thank you thank you thank you for letting me help you tell your story.

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