Deployment Homecoming // Fairchild AFB // Spokane, Washington

Although being a photographer is a big part of my life, being a military wife is an even bigger part. The military is the reason for our move to Washington and will continue to be the reason that we move every 3 years for who knows how long. It is a tough lifestyle, and honestly I have days where I hate it, but I also have days where I love it. The community that the Air Force has brought us and continues to bring us is the best.

After being instagram friends with Meredith and Kyla, I finally had the chance to meet them in person AND photograph their husbands returning from a deployment. How freaking special?! Cue the happy tears!! These two girls are the sweetest and have welcomed me to Spokane with open arms. Getting to document their reunion was such a humbling and joyful moment. I hope these photos make your heart feel as warm and fuzzy as they do mine. :)