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Winter is a dull time of year, especially in the photography industry. The bustle of Christmas card photos are behind us, and now we just sit and wait for warmer weather and sunshine. Well, not really sit and wait, winter is full of networking, meetings, and planning things for the months that lie ahead. Needless to say, I needed to shoot. I have had the idea for this session in the back of my head since Duke told me about this black buck hunt months ago. Ya know me, I am obsessed with all things animal: skulls, hides, horns, antlers.....a mounted jackalope is my current obsession....the search is still ongoing, haha.

Duke hunts like he breathes....24/7. This means a lot of time apart, or time spent hiking in freezing temperatures. Either way, it gets kind of annoying. Industrial freezers full of meat and it just keeps on coming. Despite my frequent attitude, it has its perks, and I love being part of something that he loves. Having cool body parts to hang in my home isn't too shabby either. I get that this kind of decor isn't for everyone, but it's my jam.

So here's my sissy, sporting a vintage dress from the thrift store and killing the smolder face. 2019 is my year to push my creative boundaries, and this shoot made me so giddy. I will be releasing more information on 2019 senior sessions in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled! If you like traditional, we can do that, but if you like weird I am also your girl!

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